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Minerva Pictures and Rarovideo bring Mathieu Kassovitz’s ‘La Haine’ back to cinemas in a restored 4K version!

11 April 2024

Minerva Pictures and Rarovideo, in collaboration with Cat People Distribuzione, bring Mathieu Kassovitz‘s La Haine back to the big screen in a restored 4K version, thirty years after its original release. Starring Vincent Cassel, Hubert Koundé, and Saïd Taghmaoui, the film won the Palme d’Or for Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival in 1995. It explores urban life in major cities through the intense twenty-four hours in the lives of three friends with seemingly irreconcilable personalities, as they confront the challenges of a complex and suffocating social environment that remains relevant three decades later. From the outset, “La Haine” became a cross-generational cult phenomenon, pivotal to the contemporary and Italian hip-hop culture.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Rarovideo, the digital editorial division of Minerva Pictures, known for its presence on Prime Video and The Film Club. The restoration of La Haine is just one of many initiatives celebrating this milestone.

Twenty-four hours in the lives of Vinz (Vincent Cassel), Hubert (Hubert Koundé), and Saïd (Saïd Taghmaoui), three friends from the Parisian banlieue who face the aftermath of clashes between law enforcement and civilians, which leave a neighborhood boy, Abdel, critically injured due to police brutality. Armed with anger and a gun, the three contemplate how to achieve justice.

The list of theaters that will start showing La Haine from May 13th can be found on


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Visit Italy With Movies Training: Minerva Pictures and RUFA Launch Online Course

30 March 2024

From today, the Visit Italy With Movies Training online course is available: a digital project by Minerva Pictures in collaboration with RUFA to promote the internationalization of Italy’s image through cinema and audiovisual media. The initiative aims to develop skills related to the production, distribution, and promotion of Italian films through audiovisual productions. The course contributes to the development of emerging professions in the audiovisual industry such as Showrunner, Organizer, and Location Manager, active in both Italian and foreign projects.

Thanks to the VIWM Training platform, a free version of the Visit Italy with Movies platform developed by Minerva Pictures specifically for universities interested in joining the training program, teachers and students have access to a starting catalog of about 200 titles, which can be screened for educational activities, as well as an online course for autonomous learning to understand the importance of Italian cinema abroad and its role in the international film context through case studies, interviews with industry experts, clips, and full-length films available for streaming, along with exercises of various levels to turn theory into practice. The course was created by Prof. Francesco Pennica, a director of photography, filmmaker, and producer of films, documentaries, music videos, series, and television programs made in Italy and abroad.

From today, access to the course is available through registration on the website


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Tonight on Sky Arte: ‘Bene! The Life of Carmelo, the Actor Machine’ directed by Samuele Rossi

16 March 2024

Premiered at the 2023 Festival dei Popoli, the new docufilm directed by Samuele Rossi, Bene! Vita di Carmelo, la macchina attoriale, arrives exclusively on Sky Arte! A journey into the life and artistic legacy of Carmelo Bene, a giant of 20th-century thought and culture, undisputed protagonist of the Italian and European theatrical scene, masterfully portrayed by Filippo Timi.

Produced by Echivisivi and Minerva Pictures, Bene! Vita di Carmelo, la macchina attoriale will air exclusively on Sky Arte on Saturday, March 16, at 9:15 PM, also available for streaming on NOW and on demand.

The documentary film is produced with the sponsorship of the Archivio Carmelo Bene, in collaboration with the Fondazione Teatro Toscano – Centro studi La Pergola Firenze.


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Screening at the Quirinale of the restoration of ‘Brother Sun, Sister Moon’ by Zeffirelli: President Mattarella in attendance

12 March 2024

Yesterday afternoon, President Sergio Mattarella attended the screening of the restoration of Fratello sole, sorella luna (1972) by Franco Zeffirelli at the Quirinale Palace.

The film, loosely inspired by the life and works of St. Francis, with a screenplay by Suso Cecchi D’Amico, Lina Wertmüller, and Zeffirelli himself, received the David di Donatello for Best Director and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Art Direction.

The restoration was carried out by Paramount Pictures in collaboration with the L’Immagine Ritrovata laboratory in Bologna, with contributions from the Istituto Luce Cinecittà and the Ministry of Culture. Distribution is handled by Minerva Pictures.

Among those present were Nicola Maccanico, CEO of Cinecittà, Enrico Bufalini, Director of the Historical Archive of Istituto Luce – Cinecittà, Nicola Borrelli, DG of the Cinema Department of MiC, Caterina D’Amico, Director of the Zeffirelli Foundation museum, Pippo Zeffirelli, and the two musicians Donovan and Claudio Baglioni, performers of the songs in the American and Italian versions of the film.



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‘Margherita delle stelle’ biopic on Rai 1 scores big with over 4 million viewers!

6 March 2024

Last night’s premiere of Margherita delle stelle, the biopic dedicated to the extraordinary life and career of Margherita Hack, was a major success on Rai 1. The film captured the flagship network’s audience, reaching 4,248,000 viewers and a 23.12% share, winning the television evening!

Directed by Giulio Base and featuring a ‘stellar’ cast including Cristiana Capotondi, Cesare Bocci, Sandra Ceccarelli, and Flavio Parenti, Margherita delle stelle is a co-production by Minerva Pictures and Rai Fiction, now available on Rai Play!


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Minerva Pictures at the European Film Market

13 February 2024

This year, Minerva Pictures will participate in the EFM | European Film Market, scheduled in Berlin from February 15 to 21, 2024.

We will be present with the International Sales, Acquisitions, Digital Distribution, and Co-production teams at Martin Gropius Bau, stand 108.


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“Margherita Hack: The Lady of the Stars” the biopic about Margherita Hack starring Cristiana Capotondi airs on Tuesday, March 5th on Rai 1.

12 February 2024

Cristiana Capotondi portrays Margherita Hack in the biopic “Margherita Hack: The Lady of the Stars,” airing on Tuesday, March 5th, in prime time on Rai 1. Directed by Giulio Base and written by Monica Zapelli with Federico Taddia, the film is freely inspired by the autobiographical book Nove vite come i gatti, co-written by Margherita Hack and Federico Taddia.

Margherita Hack: The Lady of the Stars retraces Margherita Hack’s life, from an autonomous and curious child to a free-spirited and unconventional young woman, ultimately becoming the first woman to lead the Astronomical Observatory of Trieste. An intimate and emotionally charged portrait of the renowned Italian astrophysicist, serving as a true model of empowerment and exceptional authenticity.

Starring Cristiana Capotondi, Cesare Bocci, Sandra Ceccarelli, and Flavio Parenti. Margherita Hack: The Lady of the Stars is a co-production between Minerva Pictures and Rai Fiction.


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Minerva Pictures presents the 4K restored version of “Steam: The Turkish Bath” by Ferzan Ozpetek

31 January 2024

After 27 years since its debut at the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs of the 50th Cannes Film Festival, Minerva Pictures celebrates Ferzan Ozpetek‘s debut film Steam: The Turkish Bath with an exclusive 4K restored version. The restoration, crafted from the original 35mm negative, will premiere on February 12th at Cinema Barberini, Rome, with the director in attendance. The event is organized in collaboration with Moviemov Festival.

Don’t miss the spring release of the restored version of Steam: The Turkish Bath, exclusively streaming on Rarovideo Channel, the channel dedicated to rare, experimental, and auteur cinema available on Prime Video and The Film Club.

February 12, 2024, 9:00 PM | Cinema Barberini, Rome


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Pupi Avati’s “The American Garden” selected at De Rome à Paris 2024

26 January 2024

The De Rome à Paris festival, now in its 16th edition, returns to the Ville Lumière to celebrate Italian cinema in an intense day of professional encounters. We are delighted to announce that today, on January 26, Minerva Pictures will take center stage by presenting the preview of The American Garden in the Works in Progress section.

This new gothic genre film, adapted from Pupi Avati‘s novel of the same name, is directed by the Maestro himself and is currently in post-production. The cast features Filippo Scotti, who has already won the Marcello Mastroianni Award at the Venice Film Festival for The Hand of God (2021) by Paolo Sorrentino, alongside the award-winning British actress Rita Tushingham.

De Rome à Paris is organized by Cinecittà in collaboration with the General Directorate of Cinema and Audiovisual of the Ministry of Culture, CNC, and Unifrance.

This is an unmissable event that underscores Minerva Pictures’ ongoing commitment to bring high-quality Italian cinema to the international stage. We look forward to welcoming you today at the CNC (Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée) for this extraordinary preview!


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VIWM TRAINING: a training program in collaboration with RUFA for the development of skills in the Italian audiovisual industry

28 December 2023

Visit Italy With Movies is a digital project by Minerva Pictures, in partnership with RUFA, a film production and distribution company celebrating its seventieth anniversary this year. The project aims to promote the internationalization of Italy’s image through cinema and audiovisual content, emphasizing its significant value for the cultural and tourism industries.

Catering to cinephiles, lovers of Italian culture, and tourists worldwide, Visit Italy With Movies provides a virtual space where users can discover and, with a click, explore the locations where their favorite films were shot. The platform also shares anecdotes and trivia surrounding film scenes, actors, and directors, offering insights both in front of and behind the camera. From territories to films and vice versa, it presents cineturismo in a novel light, with the goal of supporting Italian cultural production abroad and increasing the presence of Italian locations in foreign productions.

The VIWM TRAINING 2024 project, in collaboration with RUFA, is an initiative focused on fostering skills related to the production, distribution, and promotion of Italian audiovisual productions. The program aims to develop new roles in the audiovisual industry, such as Showrunner, Organizer, and Location Manager, active in both Italian and foreign projects.

Through the VIWM TRAINING platform, a free version of the Visit Italy With Movies platform tailored for universities, instructors, and students have access to a starting catalog of approximately 200 titles. These films can be screened for educational activities, accompanied by a self-paced online course. The course delves into the importance of Italian cinema abroad and its role in the international cinematic landscape through case studies, expert interviews, clips, full-length films available for streaming, and practical exercises. The course is curated by Professor Francesco Pennica, a director of photography, filmmaker, and producer of films, documentaries, music videos, series, and television programs produced both in Italy and abroad.

Among the iconic titles that have shaped the history of Italian cinema and are available on the platform for use in the course:

1. The Garden of the Finzi-Continis (Ferrara)
2. The Conformist (Rome)
3. Caliber 9 (Milan)
4. One Hundred Steps (Sicily)
5. The Seduction of Mimi (Catania, Turin)
6. The Marquis of Grillo (Rome, Monterano Lucca, Amelia)
7. Too Bad She’s Bad (Rome)
8. Adua and Her Friends (Rome)
9. The Sunday Woman (Turin)
10. Poverty and Nobility (Naple)
11. La Bella di Lodi (Modena, Bologna, Venice and Lodi)
12. The Bloodstained Shadow (Veneto)
13. Be sick… It’s free (Rome)
14. The Visit (San Benedetto Po, Rome, Ferrara)
15. Come Have Coffee with Us (Luino, Cuvio, Varese)
16. The Stolen Children (Milan, Bologna, Rome, Calabria, Sicily)
17. Conversation Piece (Rome)
18. The Scent of the Night (Rome)
19. Double Game (Turin)
20. Rice Girl (Novara)


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First take for L’orto americano, Pupi Avati’s gothic film

11 December 2023

The filming of L’orto americano is underway, a gothic film based on Pupi Avati‘s novel, who also directs it. The cast includes Filippo Scotti (È stata la mano di Dio), the award-winning British actress Rita Tushingham, Armando De Ceccon (Oltre la bufera), Roberto De Francesco (Il silenzio grande), Chiara Caselli (Lei mi parla ancora), Romano Reggiani (Eravamo bambini), Cesare Cremonini, and Andrea Roncato.

Cesare Bastelli is in charge of cinematography, Biagio Fersini handles the set designs, Beatrice Giannini designs the costumes, and Ivan Zuccon takes care of the editing.

Seven weeks of filming are planned, spanning locations in Rome and its surroundings, Cinecittà Studios, the Delta del Po, and the city of Davenport in Iowa.

L’orto americano is produced by Santo Versace and Gianluca Curti for Minerva Pictures, and Antonio Avati for DUEA Film, in collaboration with Rai Cinema. The film is made with the support of the Emilia-Romagna Film Commission.

Bologna, in the 1940s. A mentally troubled young man with literary aspirations falls desperately in love with a female auxiliary in the American army with just a glance. A year later, circumstances lead him to live in the American Midwest, right next to, but separated by a ominous garden, where the elderly mother of the soldier lives. The woman is desperate for her daughter, who, since the end of the conflict, after writing that she would marry an Italian, has not been heard from. The young man embarks on a tense search for the girl, experiencing a particularly dramatic situation, leading to an entirely unexpected conclusion in Italy.


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Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man: the cult poliziotteschi by Ruggero Deodato in a 4K restored version at the Torino Film Festival

15 November 2023

Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man (1976), a true cult and the only poliziotteschi crime film directed by Ruggero Deodato, with a story and screenplay by Fernando Di Leo, is making a comeback this year at the Torino Film Festival in an exclusive 4K restored version by Minerva Pictures, competing in the Back To Life section.

Nearly 50 years later, the noir-tinted brutality and motorcycle chases through the streets of Rome, deemed ‘anthological’ by Paolo Mereghetti, still reveal an authentic and controversial cinema. It is considered one of the best Italian poliziotteschi films of all time. Marc Porel and Ray Lovelock take on the roles of the two protagonists, supported by a cast including Adolfo Celi and Franco Citti.

The 41st edition of the Torino Film Festival will take place from November 24 to December 2 under the auspices of the National Museum of Cinema – chaired by Enzo Ghigo and directed by Domenico De Gaetano – with artistic direction by Steve Della Casa.

Join us at Cinema Massimo in Turin on Tuesday, November 28, at 10:15 pm for the official screening and on Thursday, November 30, at 7:00 pm for the encore!

Alfredo (Ray Lovelock) and Antonio (Marc Porel) are two Roman policemen who, with the approval of their superiors, combat crime through violent and unorthodox methods. The showdown between law enforcement and the gambling boss Roberto Pasquini (Renato Salvatori) will unfold without pulling any punches.