Who we are

Making movies with passion

Minerva Pictures is an independent production and distribution company, based in Rome, active in the film and audiovisual industry for more than sixty years. Gianluca Curti is the company’s CEO. Santo Versace is the President.

Over 100 films and 40 documentaries produced, many of which have won prestigious acknowledgements in Italy and abroad. The company is also currently developing its first tv serial projects. With a library of more than 2350 titles, enriched with masterpieces and rare finds that have marked the history of cinema, Minerva Pictures has established itself as a landmark in the national and international film industry as a producer, distributor and multimedia editor.

The company was founded in 1953, when Antonio Curti made his entrance into the world of the seventh art, acquiring the historical Minerva brand.

The Group Minerva International was founded in the early 70s, from the experience matured by the founding member Ermanno Curti. In the second half of the 80s, Gianluca Curti’s arrival in the management team boosts the internationalization of the company, thanks to a firm decision to commercially expand and increment production and film-library purchases.

With the brand Rarovideo, active in the national home video market since 1999, landed in the USA in 2011 under the direction of Stefano Curti, Minerva distributes works of high artistic value recognized worldwide, adopting an interdisciplinary approach that uplifts the quality of the products with a sophisticated editorial attention. In a very short time Rarovideo has gained, in an extremely competitive market, a wide percentage of supporters and the affection of the critics, to the point of being described by the New York Times as “The finest European film boutique”.

As a digital editor, in 2014 Minerva founded Film&Clips, the best YouTube channel with free and legal cinema in Italy, with over 4 million subscribers, which provides full films, documentaries, clips, trailers and tv shows in different languages to an ever growing public.

In May 2019, Santo Versace joined CEO Gialuca Curti as President and shareholder of the company. In 2020, the new “Scripted and Documentary Productions” department was launched with the aim of extending production to the television and OTT markets.

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