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  • Cinema segreto

    Iconic, cult, rediscovered cinema. Fifty years of cinema history, from Tomas Milian to Gloria Guida, from the detective stories of Fernando Di Leo to the horror films of Mario Bava, but also dramatic films, tormented stories and all those titles that have marked an era, becoming a real cult.

  • Bizzarro movies

    Absurd, grotesque, out of your mind. The Bizzarro Movies are not ordinary worlds, sci-fi and monsters, B-movies, become real cult, horror movies with comic and paradoxical features, signed The Asylum and directed by masters like Charles Band. Five-headed sharks, monstrous spiders, demonic puppets, giant blood-thirsty cookies and sexy aliens inhabit this “crazy” channel, whose watchword is just  «So bad, so good».

  • WP

    Adventures, heroes, duels, characters linked to the past, but still able to make whole generations dream. Epic stories and unique atmospheres: from the heroic feats of Sandokan, to the intrigues and passions of the beautiful Nefertiti, from the bounty killer Acquasanta Joe, to the long rides of Anthony Steffen as “Django”, and the inevitable spaghetti westerns of Sergio Garrone and Bruno Mattei.

  • Full moon

    Adrenaline-pumping thrillers, psychological horror and goosebump worthy adventures, shocking action movies with the likes of Sean Bean, Nicolas Cage, Jackie Chan, Keira Knightley, Dolph Lundgren, Steven Seagal, Wesley Snipes, John Travolta and Danny Trejo. Films by the great masters of cinema, first works by emerging directors, independent productions and unpublished titles. Get lost in the dark world of the Full Moon channel.

  • Risate all'italiana

  • Horror Club

  • Adrenalin channel

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