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Alice nella Città: To Leslie Film Preview

A new venue dedicated to the world of short films, WomenLands events to highlight female excellence, and the premiere of the film “To Leslie” featuring the Oscar 2023 breakthrough actress Andrea Riseborough, marking the first title in a series entirely dedicated to female storytelling. These are the initial highlights of the upcoming edition of Alice nella Città, the autonomous and parallel section of the Rome Film Festival, directed by Fabia Bettini and Gianluca Giannelli, scheduled from October 18 to 29.

12 September 2023 - ANSA

Injustices and Prejudices: Venice is the Day of Holly

Holly by Fien Troch is a delicate and somewhat magical story centered around a schoolgirl (Cathalina Geraerts) who is bullied at school. Her classmates touch her to mark her; for many, she is considered ‘a witch’ with premonitions, while for others, she begins to take on the aura of a saint. When you encounter her and are sad or distressed, she makes you feel better, even heals you.

7 September 2023 - ANSA

Holly: Interview with Director Fien Troch

In Holly, Fien Troch delves into a recurring theme of the film festival: the discomfort of adolescence. The 45-year-old Belgian director explores this through a very young heroine and her small miracles. «It’s a dark fairy tale with a magical aura about the transition to adulthood.»

30 August 2023 - Corriere della Sera

Minerva Pictures: 70 Years of Independent Cinema

«The most important achievement has been keeping the company afloat for so long in a market, such as the film and audiovisual industry, constantly undergoing transformation. Even in the face of the most abrupt changes, we have stayed the course in terms of editorial quality.» This is how the CEO of Minerva Pictures, Gianluca Curti, responds when asked to highlight the significant milestones of the long journey of the company founded in 1953.

14 August 2023 - E-

Le Grand Chariot, in Theaters from September 14th

Directed by Philippe Garrel, The Big Dipper (Le Grand Chariot), set to be released on September 14th in theaters with Minerva Pictures and Altre Storie, is co-written by the late Oscar-winning Jean-Claude Carrière, alongside the French director. Winner of the Silver Bear for Best Director at the 2023 Berlin International Film Festival, the film features performances by filmmaker Louis Garrel’s children, Louis, Esther, and Lena Garrel, along with Damien Mongin, Aurelien Recoing, Francine Bergé, Asma Messaoudene, and Mathilde Weil.

11 August 2023 - Ciak Magazine

Cinema Celebrates Under the Sign of “Minerva”

The elegant halls of Palazzo Brancaccio serve as the backdrop for the grand soirée organized by Minerva Pictures to celebrate 70 years of success in film production and distribution. When the seventh art calls, actors, directors, screenwriters, and industry professionals respond to the refined invitation on Monte Oppio Street.

12 June 2023 - Il Messaggero

The Hunt: Marco Bocci Crafts a Noteworthy Noir

Marco Bocci crafts a noteworthy noir. His direction is present. The gaze, attentive and ruthless, captures a reality and does it justice through the creation of a suitable atmosphere. Certainly, his collaborators, including his actors, play a role. With his own experience in this field, he knows how to guide, advise, push, and direct them at their best.

10 May 2023 - Taxidrivers

Marco Bocci Tackles a Dark and Desperate Drama

Marco Bocci once again reminds us that another Italian cinema is possible, and his work is increasingly worth keeping an eye on and observing closely. An incredibly interesting author… what intensity, what a film The Hunt.

11 May 2023 -

The Hollywood Reporter Rome on the Set of Miss Fallaci

And Miriam Leone, who spent last Christmas studying Oriana Fallaci day and night, tells us about her happiness in facing such a big challenge, right after shooting the scene where she tries to convince Marilyn Monroe’s agent to let her meet. “I am madly in love with this job, especially because we discover the fragile soul of Oriana, who lives torn between an extraordinary professional achievement and poignant emotional vulnerability.”The Hollywood Reporter Roma

21 April 2023 - The Hollywood Reporter Roma

Action! Miss Fallaci, Miriam Leone is Oriana in Paramount+ Series

The filming for Miss Fallaci, the new Paramount+ original series starring Miriam Leone, has begun. The series is set to debut exclusively on the streaming service soon.

3 February 2023 - Coming Soon

Miriam Leone is the Young Oriana in the TV Series Miss Fallaci

The eight-episode series will depict the 27-year-old journalist navigating between Rome and the United States. A captivating tale of professional and personal growth: that of an Italian self-made woman navigating the Italian Dolce Vita and the American star system between the 1950s and 60s, narrating the American dream.

31 January 2023 - Repubblica

The Filming of the Documentary Dedicated to the Life of Benedetto Croce will begin in 2023

The documentary will delve into the private and professional life of the great intellectual: from the tragedy of the 1883 Casamicciola earthquake, where he lost both parents and sister Maria, to his two marriages and life as a father, from parliamentary commitments to the founding of the Italian Institute for Historical Studies in Naples, serving as a deputy and later as a minister.

23 December 2022 - Il Messaggero

Benedetto Croce, Camera Rolling for the Documentary on the Life of the Great Philosopher

The documentary, produced by Minerva Pictures with Luce Cinecittà and Rai Documentari, aims to contribute to the rediscovery of the most important Italian philosopher of the 20th century, through a comprehensive and diverse narrative of personalities, schools of thought, and socio-cultural movements that characterized a crucial period in Italian history.

23 December 2022 - Il Mattino

Welcome, The Film Club!

The streaming world is undergoing a significant evolution, and our country is playing its part as a protagonist: The Film Club, the first Italian multi-channel platform that brings its audience back to the cinema, was presented at the Venice Film Festival.

3 October 2022 - Ciak Magazine

Saint Omer is Coming to Theaters, a Story of Racism and Motherhood to Watch

Not the usual courtroom drama but an honest and intense exploration of parenthood from the female perspective of a minority. Perhaps that’s why Saint Omer is a film that feels authentic and honest, with a screenplay that is pragmatic, focusing on the testimonials of the characters more or less involved in the case.

8 December 2022 - Elle

Saint Omer, from an Obsession to Mystery

The film is essentially a mystery to contemplate, an inner abyss to get lost in. Not just the story of a black woman but, universally speaking, the tale of an unhappy and inscrutable mother.

6 December 2022 - Ciak Magazine

It’s our turn, Walter Veltroni Tells the Story of Pio La Torre

Produced by Gianluca Curti and Santo Versace for Minerva Pictures, along with Rai Documentaries and Luce Cinecittà, with the contribution of Rai Teche, created by Minerva Pictures, It’s our turn – The story of Pio La Torre unfolds through precious testimonies, foremost of which is that of President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, who recalls how crucial Pio La Torre’s contribution was. Other testimonies include those of Giuseppe Tornatore, current Chief Prosecutor of Palermo Maurizio De Lucia, former head of the Mobile Squad of Palermo Francesco Accordino, Rosario Di Salvo’s daughter Tiziana di Salvo, and Pio’s son, Franco La Torre.

5 October 2022 - Cinecittà News