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Alice nella città: To Leslie film preview

A new location for the world of short films, the meetings of WomenLands to enhance the female excellence and the preview of the film To Leslie, with the revelation actress of the 2023 Oscars Andrea Riseboroug, the first title of a line entirely dedicated to female storytelling. These are the first news of the next edition of Alice nella Città, the autonomous and parallel section of the Rome Film Festival, directed by Fabia Bettini and Gianluca Giannelli and scheduled from 18 to 29 October.

12 September 2023 - ANSA

Prejudice and injustice: in Venice is Holly’s day

Holly by Fine Troch is a delicate, a little magical whose protagonist is a young girl (Cathalina Geraerts) bullied at school, her classmates touch her to mark her, for someone she is “a witch” with premonitions, for others she starts to become a saint, the kind of saint that makes you feel better when you are sad and sorrowful, or even heals you.

7 September 2023 - Ansa

Holly, interview with director Fien Troch

Fien Troch in Holly plunges into a recurring theme of the Film Festival: the discomfort of adolescence. The Belgian director, 45, does it through a very young heroine and her little miracles. «It’s a black fairy tale with a magical aura about the passage to adulthood»

30 August 2023 - Corriere della Sera

Minerva Pictures: 70 years of independent cinema

The most important achievement was to keep the company in the saddle for so long in the audiovisual and cinema market, which is constantly changing. Even in the face of the most abrupt changes, we kept the course in terms of editorial quality». This is how the CEO of Minerva Pictures, Gianluca Curti, answers when we ask him to capture the most significant stages of the company’s long run, since the foundation in 1953.

14 August 2023 - E- Duesse.it

Le Grand Chariot, at the cinema from September 14

Directed by Philippe Garrel, The Great Chariot (Le Grand Chariot), released on 14 September at the cinema with Altre Storie and Minerva Pictures, the screenplay was signed, along with the French director, also by the late Oscar winner Jean-Claude Carrière. Silver Bear for Best Director in 2023 at the Berlin International Film Festival, the film is starring the children of the filmmaker Louis, Esther and Lena Garrel together with Damien Mongin, Aurelien Recoing, Francine Bergé, Asma Messaoudene and Mathilde Weil.

11 August 2023 - Ciak Magazine

Cinema celebrates in the name of Minerva

The elegant halls of Palazzo Brancaccio became the frame of the great party organized by Minerva Pictures to celebrate its 70 years of production and distribution in the industry. When the seventh art calls, actors, directors, screenwriters and professionals answer to the elegant invitation in via del Monte Oppio.

12 June 2023 - Il Messaggero


Marco Bocci makes a remarkable movie. His direction is present. The gaze, attentive and ruthless, able to immortalize a reality and to render it justice through the creation of perfect atmosphere. Also thanks to the collaborators around him, including his actors. Having experienced himself in this field, he knows how to guide, advise, push and direct them in the best way.

10 May 2023 - Taxidrivers
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