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Marco Bocci makes a remarkable movie. His direction is present. The gaze, attentive and ruthless, able to immortalize a reality and to render it justice through the creation of perfect atmosphere. Also thanks to the collaborators around him, including his actors. Having experienced himself in this field, he knows how to guide, advise, push and direct them in the best way.

10 May 2023 - Taxidrivers


Marco Bocci reminds us once again that another Italian cinema is possible and that we have to keep an eye and observe carefully his own cinema. What meanness, what a movie!

11 May 2023 - Cinematographe.it

The Hollywood Reporter Rome on the set of Miss Fallaci

Actress Miriam Leone, who spent the last Christmas studying day and night Oriana Fallaci, tells us about her happiness in facing such a great challenge, immediately after shooting the sequence in which she tries to convince Marilyn Monroe’s agent to meet her. “I am madly loving this work especially because we discover the fragile soul of Oriana, who lives a youth in which an extraordinary professional statement is accompanied by a poignant sentimental fragility.”

20 April 2023 - The Hollywood Reporter Roma

Rome, the “Pio La Torre” institute talks about the fight against mafia: here comes the docufilm for the young public.

It’s not easy to talk about mafia in front of a teenage audience, especially in a complex neighborhood where there is always an imminent risk of premature school discharge.

18 February 2023 - Il Messaggero

First take of “Miss Fallaci”, Miriam Leone is Oriana in the Paramount series.

The shooting of Miss Fallaci has begun, the new Paramount+ original series, starring Miriam Leone, that will soon debut exclusively on the streaming service.

3 February 2023 - Ansa

Miriam Leone is the young Oriana in the tv series “Miss Fallaci”.


The eight-episodes series will capture the 27-year-old reporter between Rome and the United States. A charming history of human and professional training: a self-made woman juggling between the Italian Dolce Vita and the American star system between the 50s and 60s, picturing the myth of the American dream.

31 January 2023 - Repubblica

In early 2023 the filming of the documentary dedicated to Benedetto Croce’s life and thought will begin.

The documentary will also tell about the private and working life of the great philosopher: from the tragedy of Casamicciola in 1883 when, due to a violent earthquake, he lost both his parents and is sister Maria, to his two weddings and his private life as a father, from the parliamentary commitment to the foundation  of the Italian Institute for historical studies in Naples and finally, his commitment as deputy and minister.

23 December 2022 -

Benedetto Croce, first take for the documentary on the life of the great philosopher


The documentary, produced by Minerva Pictures with Luce Cinecittà and Rai Documentaries, aims to contribute to the rediscovery of the greatest XX century Italian philosopher, through an articulated and pluralistic narrative of personalities, cultural stream of thought and movements, who went through a crucial period of Italian history.

23 December 2022 - Il Mattino

“Ora tocca a noi”, Walter Veltroni tells the story of Pio La Torre


Produced by Santo Versace and Gianluca Curti for Minerva Pictures, together with Rai Documentari and Luce Cinecittà with the contribution of Rai Teche.

Written and directed by Walter Veltroni, Ora tocca a noi – storia di Pio La Torre meanders through the words of many important voices, from Giuseppe Tornatore, to Maurizio De Lucia the current Chief Prosecutor of Palermo, but also the former Chief Inspector of Palermo Francesco Accordino, Rosario Di Salvo’s daughter, up to the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella. “The Law that bears his name contains elements that have proved essential to hit and defeat the mafia”.

5 October 2022 - Cinecittà News


Saint Omer arrives at the cinema, a story about racism and maternity you need to see


Not the usual judicial drama, but the honest and intense exploration of parenting from the point of view of a woman belonging to a minority. Maybe that’s the reason why the film is perceived as authentic and honest, without fictional parts within the script, which is quite pragmatic, and focuses on the testimonies of the characters involved.


Saint Omer: from obsession to mistery


The film is a mystery, an inner abyss in which you loose yourself. Not only the story of a black woman but, universally speaking, the story of an unhappy and inscrutable mother.


The Film Club is born

The streaming world is in full evolution and we participate in the match as main players: the Film Club – the Italian multichannel platform that brings cinema back to its audience – was presented in Venice during the Venice Film Festival.

3 October 2022 - Ciak Magazine

Movieitaly, a classic Film Streaming Service, Launches in North America

Minerva Pictures CEO Gianluca Curti says Movieitaly will complement bigger subscription video on-demand services like Netflix and Amazon Prime with voluminous libraries and buzzy content by allowing subscribers to cherry-pick the best Italian movies from all periods and genres and a curated collection.

15 July 2022 - The Hollywood Reporter
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