Leggere Lolita a Teheran

10 February 2024

In the two decades following the Khomeini Revolution, while the streets and campus of Tehran were the scene of tremendous violence, Azar Nafisi had to try one of the most difficult tasks: to teach western literature to a generation increasingly exposed to Islamic catechesis. The result is one of the most touching acts of love for literature ever professed, which also represents a magnificent mockery played against those who try to ban it.

Based on the international bestseller by Azar Nafisi

Il migliore dei mali

7 February 2024

Adapted from the comic book “Il migliore dei mali,” written by Violetta Rocks and illustrated by Marco Tarquini.

Summer 1997. Five teenagers, Ettore, Milo, Michelangelo, Neri, and Dante, investigate the disappearance of Icaro, the dog of one of them, suspecting their new ominous neighbor. The youngsters must unravel the mystery, navigate their complicated family contexts, but above all, come to terms with their own secrets. Their suspicions about the enigmatic neighbor Zaira seem to dissipate after secretly infiltrating his house and finding nothing significant. Does the man have nothing to do with it, or perhaps they haven’t looked in the right place yet? Meanwhile, after Ettore’s arrival in the group, which somehow destabilized the dynamics, relations among them are becoming increasingly tense. New alliances have formed, hinting at something more, but new conflicts have also arisen, especially between Ettore and Neri. The latter has revealed something unthinkable to his father, and now it’s time to uncover the meaning of his statement. It’s also the moment to unveil everyone’s secrets and understand whether their “superpowers” are a gift or rather a dramatic curse.

The Lemon Tree

Two restaurateur cousins embark on an adventurous journey from Northern Europe with the aim of recruiting Michelin-starred chefs to rescue their prestigious restaurant, which is facing a crisis due to fierce competition in the culinary industry.

The conformist

6 June 2023

Based on a novel by Alberto Moravia, Bernardo Bertolucci’s film is a character study of a man who “conforms” to the ideological fashions of his days.

Set in 1930s Italy, Marcello has spent his life accommodating others, in search for a sense of belonging. When he is drawn into the fascist party, he agrees to assassinate a political refugee who turns out to be his former college professor…


Satellite Awards 2006: Satellite Award: Best Classic DVD

Golden Globes: Golden Globe 1972; Best Foreign-Language Foreign Film Italy

Academy Awards: Oscar 1972; Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium, Bernardo Bertolucci

Belgian Film Critics Association 1972: Grand Prix

National Society of Film Critics Awards 1972: NSFC Award; Best Cinematography, Vittorio Storaro; Best Director, Bernardo Bertolucci

David di Donatello Award 1971: David; Best Film, Maurizio Lodi-Fe

Berlin Film Festival 1970: Interfilm Award – Recommendation and Journalists’ Special Award, Bernardo Bertolucci


Berlin Film Festival 1970: Golden Berlin Bear, Bernardo Bertolucci

Mimì Metallurgico Ferito nell’Onore

8 May 2023

The Sicilian worker Carmelo Mardocheo, known as Mimì, loses his job because he refuses to vote for a mafia man and is forced to emigrate to Turin, leaving his young wife Rosalia. Here he sails between communist comrades and Sicilian pigeons and gets engaged to a Milanese proletarian, Fiore, from whom he also has a son. Back in Sicily, he is divided between his lover and his wife…

Nomination to Lina Wertmuller for the Palme d’Or at the 1972 Cannes Film Festival

David di Donatello Award in 1972: Best Actor in a Leading Role to Giancarlo Giannini and special Award to Mariangela Melato

1973 Silver Ribbons: Best Actress in a Leading Role to Mariangela Melato; Best actor in the lead to Giancarlo Giannini

Italian Golden Globe in 1973: Best actor revelation to Giancarlo Giannini, Best actress revelation to Mariangela Melato

Miss Fallaci

17 March 2023

A ViacomCBS International Studios and Minerva Pictures production, in association with RedString. The first Pramount+ Italian original.

The series will tell with an unpublished cut a less known and explored period of Oriana Fallaci’s life, one of the few, if not the only, Italian journalist and writer known worldwide, with over 25 million copies sold and translated into 25 languages. A history of professional and human growth full of charm: an Italian self-made woman who, at the age of twenty-seven years old, is juggling between the Italian Dolce Vita and the American dream between the 50s and 60s; while picturing the American dream, she is trying to reach her own dream: write about the major characters and world political events of the world.

The series will be based on real events, recounted by Oriana Fallaci herself in her first books: The Seven Sins of Hollywood and Penelope to War, published by Rizzoli. From an idea of Alessandra Gonnella, young talented director, winner of the Silver Ribbon for the short A cup of coffee with Marilyn, the series also sees the collaboration of Edoardo Perazzi, grandson and heir of Oriana Fallaci.