The Move

13 February 2024

Based on the novel by Georges Simenon.
Executive Producer John Simenon.

Emilio lives a happy life. He has a nice family, a job and now he can finally realize his dream: to leave the narrow streets of the center and move into the house he bought in a new and sparkling suburb. While his wife Bianca and his teenage son Alessandro seem to slide happily into the new routine, Emilio feels the doubt of the wrong choice. His sense of inadequacy is fed by the new neighbors. Listening to their erotic games through the wall, torn between discomfort and excitement, soon becomes an obsession for Emilio, who increasingly disconnects from reality.

Les Italiens

The true story of Les Italiens: Gigi Rizzi, Beppe Piroddi and Franco Rapetti, dashing youths armed with charme and joie de vivre, who in the summer of ‘68, while revolutions were raging through the streets and squares of the entire world, inflamed the beaches and the movida of Saint Tropez.


After the death of her parents, Lucia – a middle-age woman – needs to understand what to do with their house – a wonderful villa in the center of Florence where she grew up: for Lucia, taking a decision will mean putting her life into question.

Pompei – The Ancient Domina in Abbondanza Street

The dream of eternal beauty, art as a common thread of history and human restlessness. The vitality of a woman determines the course of events over the centuries. Set in four distinct and distant eras, a “villa”, of the legendary Pompeian Via dell’Abbondanza, rebuilt and frescoed with the help of the most modern digital special effects, “Pompei” is the new work by Giuseppe Gaudino, one of the most eccentric and visionary talents of Italian cinema.

Bye Bye, Men!

9 February 2024

In a future where male fertility has drastically declined, males are disappearing. Dario is a young rebel involved in an attack against the Bechdel clinic, a facility for the support and reeducation of males. When the attack fails, Dario wakes up in the clinic itself, a place where men are given the opportunity to process the loss of their privileged status as white heterosexual males and adapt to a society now dominated by women. At Bechdel, Dario confronts Rosa, a doctor and the clinic’s director, and the numerous therapeutic exercises that this formidable feminist of the latest generation will impose on him. Among these, he must learn to express his feelings, keep a diary of his thoughts, and understand what it means to bear the ancestral (metaphorical and literal) burden that has always weighed on women. Dario obviously thinks it’s madness, but if he wants a chance to win back the love of his life, Giulia, he must undergo, willingly or unwillingly, Rosa’s exercises. As Dario’s journey continues, his group of rebels, led by his father Silvio, is planning a new attack against the clinic and will need Dario to carry it out. The boy must then decide which side to take: continue secretly fighting with his father or sincerely embrace the change that could bring back Giulia’s love.


13 July 2023

What if the young Sunday, for a dramatic misunderstanding, found himself thrown from his village in Kenya in a town in South Tyrol, called to save the local football team from recession? It could be the beginning of a dream… except Sunday never touched a ball in his whole life! As a football promise able to revive the fortunes of the championship, Sunday soon turns out to be a wild card, able to unwittingly detonate the stereotypes and prejudices coming from the most closed minds. And proving that a powerful kick and a chest stop are not the only talents needed to make a winning team.


Based on the novel of the same name by Massimo Carlotto, Youthless is the story of a hard and initiatory journey, cruel and desperate, from the north to the south of Italy. An on the road female thriller with dark atmospheres, which tells the story of six girls between fifteen and seventeen years gathered by a cruel fate, forced to escape from the police and a sadistic chaser willing to do anything to find them and silence them forever.

The Ballad of Mila

17 March 2023

Tv series based upon the novel “The Ballad of Mila” by the best-selling author Matteo Strukul.

Two criminal gangs compete for the control of the territory in Veneto. In the middle, a ruthless woman ready to rewrite the fate of the contenders: Mila Zago, aka Red Dread.

Mila was just a little girl when the local clique murdered her father right in front of her and then raped her. From that moment she spent the last years honing her revenge: Mila has forgotten the beauty of life, and she has already planned her own death: the day in which the last killer of her father will die, she will use the last bullet for herself. Her plan is questioned after meeting with the analyst Chiara, if Mila can find a reason to live, she will not kill herself.

Official selection at the Mia Drama Pitching Forum 2022

Gangs of Rome

Rome 1892. A small criminal from the working-class district of Testaccio starts from the street and aims to conquer Rome, in the years in which the city is turning into a metropolis. An unstoppable rise, a great aspirational novel, a journey into the dark side of power.

Selected for the Official Competition at the Mia Drama Pitching Forum 2021

From ad idea of Gianluca Curti

Memory Hole

11 May 2022

World War II: Vallata, a village in Puglia perched on a hill, is surrounded by Nazi troops. Annibale Giorgi, after having ensured his wife and son escape, sets the house on fire and takes his own life, carrying with him the key to a mystery. The town is devastated by Nazi fury. No one will ever understand why.

2023: 80 years later everything seems outdated. Then the unthinkable happens. All of a sudden, people between the ages of 16 and 67 begin to lose their memory. Those affected by this phenomenon, called Memory Hole, seem to lose more and more memory over time, until they forget relatives, habits and their own stories. What affected them? Alongside official investigations is added that of two young people, Stefania Giovannini, brilliant scholar who is part of the group of scientists investigating the phenomenon, and Matteo Basile, photo reporter returned to Vallata to take care of his older brother hit by the Memory Hole. It is they who realize that the roots of the mystery lie in the inexplicable massacre that shook Vallata 80 years earlier. “In our children we shall live again” recited a fairy tale that Matteo’s grandfather had heard as a child. This is what the Memory Hole is trying to do, to bring fathers back to life in the bodies of their children. But who planned all this? And why?