Bye Bye, Men!

In development - Dystopian Comedy

In a future where male fertility has drastically declined, males are disappearing. Dario is a young rebel involved in an attack against the Bechdel clinic, a facility for the support and reeducation of males. When the attack fails, Dario wakes up in the clinic itself, a place where men are given the opportunity to process the loss of their privileged status as white heterosexual males and adapt to a society now dominated by women. At Bechdel, Dario confronts Rosa, a doctor and the clinic’s director, and the numerous therapeutic exercises that this formidable feminist of the latest generation will impose on him. Among these, he must learn to express his feelings, keep a diary of his thoughts, and understand what it means to bear the ancestral (metaphorical and literal) burden that has always weighed on women. Dario obviously thinks it’s madness, but if he wants a chance to win back the love of his life, Giulia, he must undergo, willingly or unwillingly, Rosa’s exercises. As Dario’s journey continues, his group of rebels, led by his father Silvio, is planning a new attack against the clinic and will need Dario to carry it out. The boy must then decide which side to take: continue secretly fighting with his father or sincerely embrace the change that could bring back Giulia’s love.

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Produced by Minerva Pictures Written by Irene Dionisio, Francesca Tozzi