Benedetto Croce – The Philosopher of Freedom

The documentary tells the story of Benedetto Croce, Italian philosopher, politician and intellectual among the most influential and prolific of the last two centuries. Through the analysis of the essence and modernity of his thought, the documentary will show how his reflections and writings can still arouse debate and offer relevant points of view for the understanding of contemporary society.

Croce’s figure returns to the contemporary world as a central visual element, while walking in today’s Naples. The intellectual doesn’t get into direct contact with people in the present, he is represented as a man in search of memories, emotions and evocative reflections.

The documentary is enriched with images and archive contributions, some unpublished, and interviews with Croce’s grandchildren, important biographers, historians, philosophers and personalities of the world of culture, able to offer a complete view of Croce’s thought and political action, still not very well known.

The filming will take place between Rome and Naples, in evocative locations such as Palazzo Filomarino, the Girolamini Library and various places of the city of Naples, so significant in Croce’s life.

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Directed by Pupi Avati Produced by Minerva Pictures with Luce Cinecittà and Rai Documentari