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“Shadow of Fire” by Tsukamoto inaugurates the 21st edition of the Asian Film Festival

10 April 2024

Kicking off the 21st edition of the Asian Film Festival tonight is Shadow of Fire (2023), the latest film by visionary director Shin’ya Tsukamoto, showcased in the Orizzonti section at the Venice Film Festival 2023.

With this film, Tsukamoto concludes his deeply personal war trilogy, following Fires on the Plain (2014) and Killing (2018), the latter available on Rarovideo Channel of The Film Club and Prime Video.

The film is set in a black market that begins to come to life again after the devastation of World War II. In a small Japanese restaurant almost completely destroyed by fire, a woman makes a living by selling her body. Her entire family died during the conflict. A war orphan sneaks into the woman’s house to steal, while a young demobilized soldier arrives as a client. The three start a strange life together. But it is short-lived: the soldier’s war memories end up destroying all three lives.

The film tells of a fire and the continuously moving shadows it casts all around, but above all of the people living hidden among these shadows. As the world moves away from peace, I felt it my duty to make this film, as if it were a prayer,” the director commented.

So, the much-anticipated screening of Shadow of Fire at Cinema Farnese in Rome at 7:00 PM tonight is not to be missed.

And there’s more: soon, the film will also be available exclusively for streaming on Rarovideo Channel of The Film Club and Prime Video, along with other must-see titles from the Tsukamoto collection!