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31 March 2023

Shooting started for “Margherita delle stelle” television movie directed by Giulio Base, written by Monica Zapelli with Federico Taddia and based on “Nove vite come i gatti” written by Margherita Hack and Taddia.

One hundred years after Hack’s birth, the film gives an intimate and exciting portrait of the great Italian astrophysics, a role model of emancipation and exceptional authenticity. Margherita will be played by Cristiana Capotondi, while Cesare Bocci will play her father Roberto. Together with them Sandra Ceccarelli and Flavio Parenti, will portrait Margherita’s mother and Aldo De Rosa, her husband. The film retraces the life of the Florentine researcher, since her early years as an autonomous and curious child, to a free and unconventional girl, up to becoming the first woman to direct the Astronomical Observatory of Trieste.

Margherita delle stelle is a Rai Fiction-Minerva Pictures production, produced by Santo Versace and Gianluca Curti; it will air soon on Rai1.