Samsung TV Plus

The digital offer of Minerva Pictures expands through four channels on Samsung TV Plus: "Bizzarro Movies", "Cinema Segreto", "Western|Peplum" and "Full Moon". Samsung’s OTT online video platform distributes over 250 thematic channels on all the brand’s Smart TVs for free.

    Cult. Grotesque. Insane. Bizzarro Movies is the right place to find all those movies that appear «strange», but that have become famous all over the world, so much so as to become cult classics.


    Classic. Iconic. Cult. Cinema Segreto covers 30 years of Italian cinema ranging from classic films by great directors and interpreted by great actors to lesser known films appreciated around the world.


    Western and Peplum are two genres that have contributed to the period of maximum splendor of Italian cinema, thanks to epic stories and unique atmospheres: from the heroic adventures of Sandokan, through the intrigues and passions of the beautiful Nefertiti, to gladiators thirsty for revenge; from the bounty killer Acquasanta Joe, the sunny cities and long rides of Anthony Steffen as “Django”, to the spaghetti westerns by Sergio Garrone and Bruno Mattei.


    Full Moon collects stories full of action, mystery and suspense, but also fantasy movies and adventures in universes inhabited by monsters, aliens, zombies and vampires.