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Rossosperanza, by Annarita Zambrano, coming to the cinema from the 24th of August

20 July 2023

“In our families there was money, privilege and power. We were lucky to be sons of, brothers of, wives of, friends of. Meanwhile, violence brooded in our privileged bowels and like a terminal cancer it fed on the power of our fathers consuming an entire country. Thinking about it today, it all seems more comical than tragic. ROSSOSPERANZA is a comedy as black as our souls and as red as the blood that washed our sins’.

Thus Annarita Zambrano in presenting her new film, ‘Rossosperanza’, in competition at the Locarno Festival, and in cinemas from 24 August.

A Mad Entertainment production with Rai Cinema, in association with Minerva Pictures.

In co-production with Ts Productions.


Zena, Marzia, Alfonso and Adriano, outcast children of respectable people, meet in the expensive Villa Bianca where their families have sent them to become ‘normal’. It is 1990, the Italy that counts is still dancing. But a tiger, escaped from who knows where, roams free and hungry. There are those who dance, those who love, those who watch. And there are those who kill.