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ORA TOCCA A NOI – THE STORY OF PIO LA TORRE will be presented as a “Special Screening” at the Rome Film Festival

14 November 2022

Forty years have passed since April 30, 1982, the day when the regional secretary of the PCI Pio La Torre lost his life together with his driver and friend Rosario Di Salvo, by the hands of a mafia commando. Walter Veltroni’s documentary film Ora tocca a noi – storia di Pio La Torre will premiere as a “Special Screening” at the Rome Film Festival and  tells the story of an exemplary existence, dedicated entirely to civic commitment and the fight against the Mafia. It paints the portrait of an intense, shy, determined man, whose death made him one of the many heroes that, unfortunately, our country has needed. “Now it’s our turn” is the phrase that La Torre said a few days before his murder to his friend Emanuele Macaluso, aware that Cosa Nostra was tightening the circle around him and his battle for legality.

Produced by Gianluca Curti and Santo Versace for Minerva Pictures (Creative Producers Francesca de Michele and Cosetta Lagani), together with Rai Documentari and Luce Cinecittà, with the contribution of Rai Teche.

Ora tocca a noi – storia di Pio La Torre unfolds through precious testimonies, such as those of Giuseppe Tornatore,  the current Chief Prosecutor of Palermo Maurizio De Lucia, the former head of the Palermo Mobile Squad Francesco Accordino, the daughter of Rosario Di Salvo, Tiziana and the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella: “The Law that also bears his name contains elements that have proved essential to hit and defeat the Mafia”. * 

There are also many moments of La Torre’s life, images of the repertoire of the meetings, his interventions at party congresses, in Parliament or told cinematically through the script of Monica Zapelli (David di Donatello for L’arminuta and I cento passi) and the interpretations of Davide Amato and Moisè Curia, which portray Pio as a child and as an adult.

Ora tocca a noi – storia di Pio La Torre will air soon on Raitre.