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On set of Miss Fallaci: Miriam Leone take on the role of Oriana Fallaci

27 June 2023

MISS FALLACI, the new Paramount+ series, produced by Minerva Pictures with Paramount Television International Studios (formerly VIS) and starring Miriam Leone, will soon debut exclusively on the Paramount streaming service.

MISS FALLACI is the 8-episodes series which tells a very intense and less explored period of Oriana Fallaci’s life, when, at the end of the 50s, she began to travel between New York and Hollywood to interview movie stars, before becoming the first war correspondent and one of the most important writers and signatures of Italian journalism in the world, with 20 million copies sold and translated into 25 languages.

In the series, set between 1956 and 1959 between Milan, New York, Los Angeles, Rome, London, Florence, Oriana Fallaci – played by Miriam Leone – is a young correspondent of “L’Europeo”, intelligent, brilliant, with the polemical and intolerant attitude to the dynamics of an editorial staff of only men who could deal with politics while she is relegated to the role of the “cinema girl”. Thanks to her determination, Oriana manages to get a trip to New York, with the promise to interview the most coveted and unattainable star: Marilyn Monroe.

Tearing the city apart, however, doesn’t help her find the actress. She writes instead of how she didn’t make it, an article that makes her assign a series of reports from Hollywood. With a disenchanted gaze and the unmistakable caustic and irreverent style of her pen, Oriana tells the “factory of the stars”, exposing the contradictions of American society, poised between moralism and emancipation.

MISS FALLACI is the story of the beginning of the brilliant career of Oriana, who faces and tells for the first time the American society of the fifties. But it is also the story of how a young and stubborn woman from Florence will become the fearless reporter for whom she is remembered today and what she sacrificed on the road to success. We will follow Oriana on her journey to become a political journalist, a best-selling author, a world icon who has reinvented journalism and writing, documenting the world with the aim of seeking truth, in a society dominated mainly by men.

MISS FALLACI is a Paramount and Minerva Pictures co-production, produced by Santo Versace and Gianluca Curti, in association with RedString. The series is based on events told by Fallaci herself in the novels “The Seven Sins of Hollywood” and “Penelope alla guerra”, published by Rizzoli.

Written by an international team – led by creator and head writer Viola Rispoli (CIRCEO, “The commissioner Ricciardi”, “Doc in your hands”, “Do not kill”) together with Thomas Grieves (“Safe Space”, “Dracula”) – of which includes also Miriam Leone, Laura Grimaldi (“Generation 56K”, “Mental”), Alice Urciuolo (“Skam”, “Prisma”), and Alessandra Gonnella, author and director of “A cup of coffee with Marilyn”, the short winner of the Silver Ribbon on the young Fallaci who tries to interview the elusive diva, who inspired the series. Edoardo Perazzi, Oriana Fallaci’s nephew and heir, is among the project’s consultants. The Creative Producer is Francesca de Michele.

The Head Director is Luca Ribuoli, who directs the first 4 episodes, while the direction of the others is entrusted to Giacomo Martelli (episodes 5-7-8) and Alessandra Gonnella (episode 6).

Ivan Casalgrandi is the Director of photography for episodes 1-4, while Stefano Palombi directs episodes 5-8 Eva Coen is the costume designer, Paolo Bonfini the set designer. Casting by Maurilio Mangano. The editing of episodes 1-4 was entrusted to Pietro Morana, while episodes 5-8  were assigned to Emiliano Bellardini. Associate producer is Diego Loreggian, the Head Line Producer is Gabriele Guidi, and the Producer is Gianluca Curti.