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Movieitaly Embarks in the World!

12 December 2022

Conveying Italian culture in the world through the image in motion, Movieitaly offers the best of Italian filmography of past and present day, of iconic interpreters and timeless directors: we created Movieitaly with this mission in mind. First in the USA and Canada and, from today, available all over the world!

Our on demand streaming platform expands its horizons and reaches Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway and Finland and embraces the African challenge with launches in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

For everyone, more than 300 films in their original language with English subtitles and 10 new titles per month!

The platform’s ambition to enhance and export Italy’s passions, authenticity, art and taste remains strong, well recognizable and represented in many masterpieces of Italian cinema.

Inspired by the strong recognition and originality of Made in Italy all over the world, Movieitaly is proposed as a digital hub for the collection and dissemination of exclusive content that opens a window on the great beauty of Italy: cinema, art, crafts, manufacture and much more.

The offer of exclusive content of Movieitaly, independent project, is presented by Minerva Pictures and enhanced by the contribution of partners such as Movietime, Compass, Filmexport Group, Intramovies, Rewind Film and Film Distribution that, With Minerva, they share the ambition to celebrate the uniqueness that makes Italy the most beautiful country in the world!

Italian culture, history and identity: all this beauty in one place.