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Miss Fallaci: filming has begun for the series with Miriam Leone produced by Minerva Pictures and Paramount+

14 February 2023

Monday 30th of January marked the first day of shooting on the set of Miss Fallaci, new series produced by Minerva Pictures and Paramount+ with RedString, the first Italian production for Paramount+, which will air in autumn 2023.

Eight episodes to tell a very intense and less explored period of Oriana Fallaci’s life. The story takes place at the end of the 1950s when the Italian journalist­ ­- one of the most important writers and signatures of Italian journalism in the world, with 20 million copies sold and translated into 25 languages – time before becoming the first female war correspondent, started travelling between New York and Hollywood to interview the most famous actors of the time.

Miriam Leone will play the iconic writer and will be directed by: Luca Ribuoli  (first 4 episodes), Giacomo Martelli (episodes 5-7-8) and Alessandra Gonnella (episode 6).