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Minerva Pictures goes FAST: the Minerva Channels ecosystem

29 April 2024

Minerva Pictures is excited to announce the rebranding of three FAST channels within the Minerva Channels ecosystem. This initiative aims to meet the growing expectations of audiences seeking free, legal, and high-quality content through major Connected TVs.

Adrenaline Movies is the evolution of the iconic Full Moon, a channel dedicated to action, adrenaline, and suspense enthusiasts. It features contemporary thrillers and classics of the genre, showcasing the biggest names in American, Asian, and European action cinema. Stars like Sean Bean, Nicolas Cage, Jackie Chan, Keira Knightley, Dolph Lundgren, Steven Seagal, Wesley Snipes, John Travolta, Danny Trejo, Liam Neeson, Chris Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence, and even Franco Nero, heroes and antiheroes from our own latitudes.

CineWestern, the new face of Western|Peplum, offers a rich selection of Western films: breathtaking adventures, duels at sunset, spurs, and vintage distillates. It encompasses the entire saga of the great West with films that have made, and continue to make, the history of one of the world’s most beloved genres. From Tonino Valerii to Giuliano Gemma, Enzo Castellari, Sergio Corbucci, Luigi Vanzi, Mario Gariazzo, and a must-see selection of American classics.

Cinema Segreto becomes Cinema Italiano, the new channel dedicated to our domestic cinema. Seventy years of great films, from neorealism to comedy, from crime films to auteur cinema. A rich, extensive, and curated offering of quality content and cult gems to rediscover, up to contemporary cinema.

Completing the FAST ecosystem of Minerva Channels are Bizzarro Movies, featuring cult B-movies and horror films with comic and paradoxical traits, and Risate all’italiana, the channel that celebrates the great genre of Italian comedy.

All Minerva Pictures channels are available for free on major Connected TVs: Samsung TV Plus, Rakuten TV, LG Channels, Plex, Xiaomi, Zeasn, and Agile TV.