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Minerva Pictures brings on Prime Video’s Raro Video Channel 26 new titles of the great international cinema!

31 October 2023

Minerva Pictures continues to enrich its digital offer of auteur, rare and quality cinema with 26 new titles of the great international cinema, classic and contemporary, coming on the Rarovideo Channel of Prime Video.

From November 1, five titles a month will be scheduled on the channel, described by the New York Times as “the finest European film boutique”, with over 200 films on the schedule.

To enrich the prestigious collection of iconic authors, Fino all’ultimo respiro (1960), first work of Jean-Luc Godard, arrives on Raro Video Channel. This authentic Nouvelle Vague symbol, awarded with the Silver Bear for Best Director at the Berlin Film Festival, features François Truffaut’s screenplay and set design by Claude Chabrol, as well as Jean-Pierre Melville in the cast. By the same creative genius of the director, also coming Detective (1985), presented in competition at the 38th Cannes Film Festival.


The selection includes other timeless masterpieces such as Bob il giocatore (1956), the first film noir by filmmaker Jean-Pierre Melville, Il testamento del mostro (1959) by Jean Renoir, a modern take on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. And again, L’occhio del maligno (1962) and La linea di demarcazione (1966), both directed by Claude Chabrol, and Quell’oscuro oggetto del desiderio (1977), the last film by Luis Buñuel. And again, timeless works such as L’uomo che cadde sulla terra (1976) by Nicolas Roeg, with David Bowie making his acting debut, Poor Cow (1967), Ken Loach’s first film, Hammett – Indagine a Chinatown (1982) by Wim Wenders, and Johnny il bello (1989) by Walter Hill, with Mickey Rourke and future Oscar winners Morgan Freeman and Forest Whitaker.

Also coming A morte Hollywood (2000), iconic film of one of the cornerstones of independent cinema made in the USA, John Waters, out of competition at the 53rd Cannes Film Festival. And from Cannes comes on Rarovideo Channel Il nostro natale (2001), directed by Abel Ferrara, presented in Un Certain Regard. program also Bully (2001) by Larry Clark, presented in competition at the 58th Venice Film Festival and still considered one of the best ‘disturbing Dramas’ director.


Among the new entries, also Amore balordo (1985) by Andrzej Zulawski, with Sophie Marceau and taken from L’idiota of Dostoevskij; Il servo (1963) by Joseph Losey, selected for the 24th Venice Film Festival and included by the British Film Institute at the 22nd among the best British films of all time. Ralph Nelson’s Soldato blu (1970), one of the first Western films to side with Native Americans as a reflex critique of the Vietnam War.

For thrill lovers coming soon Fog (1980), Il signore del male (1987) and Essi vivono (1988), authentic cult directed by horror master John Carpenter, and L’ululato (1981), directed by Joe Dante.

For the genre biographical film, in program Sid & Nancy (1986) by Alex Cox, dedicated to the wild life of Sid Vicious, bassist of the Sex Pistols, and his partner Nancy Spungen. The film was presented in the Directors’ Fortnight at the 39th Cannes Film Festival. And again, the three episodes of Carlos (2010), a series directed by Olivier Assayas, offer a glimpse into the life of terrorist Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, also known as Carlos the Jackal. Carlos was awarded the Golden Globe Award for Best Miniseries, the César Award for Best Male Promise, and the European Film Awards for Best Editing.

Among the award-winning titles there is another directorial debut, this time for Mel Brooks with Per favore non toccate le vecchiette (1968). With an exceptional cast (Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel), in 1969 he won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, as well as being placed 11th on the AFI’s list of the hundred best American comedies of all time. And again, Music Box – Prova d’accuso (1989) by Costa-Gavras, awarded with a Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress for Jessica Lange and two Golden Globe nominations. Last, but not least, Ran (1985) by Akira Kurosawa, with four nominations and an Oscar, two BAFTA awards and a David di Donatello.

An unmissable collection of rare, cult and iconic masterpieces and pearls that have shaped the history of European and international cinema.

See you on November 1st with the streaming launch of the Rarovideo Channel offer, on Prime Video!