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14 November 2022

Special Screenings


A documentary by Walter Veltroni

Forty years have passed since April 30, 1982, the day when the regional secretary of the PCI Pio La Torre lost his life together with his driver and friend Rosario Di Salvo, by the hands of a mafia commando. Walter Veltroni, in the documentary film he directed Ora tocca a noi – storia di Pio La Torre, which will be premiered as a “Special Screening” at the Rome Film Festival, tells the story of an exemplary existence, entirely dedicated to civic commitment and the fight against the Mafia. It paints the portrait of an intense, shy, determined man, whose death has produced one of the many heroes that, unfortunately, our country has needed.

Produced by Gianluca Curti and Santo Versace for Minerva Pictures, together with Rai Documentari and Luce Cinecittà, with the contribution of Rai Teche. Written and directed by Walter Veltroni, with the collaboration of Monica Zapelli (David di Donatello for L’arminuta e I cento passi). Creative producers: Francesca de Michele and Cosetta Lagani.

Storia del Cinema


A film by Gianni Amelio

From 13 to 23 October, the Rome Film Festival will host, at the Casa del Cinema, the wide program of tributes, restorations, documentaries and meetings of the History of Cinema section. All events will be free admission with priority for those with an accreditation of the event.

Sunday, October 16, at 21 at the Casa del Cinema – Sala Cinecittà (and in replica Monday, October 17, at 15, Casa del Cinema – Sala Kodak), is scheduled Il ladro di bambini, directed in 1992 by Gianni Amelio, restored in 4K by Red Post Production, in collaboration with Minerva Pictures, Rai Cinema and Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna, with the contribution of the Ministry of Culture.

“There was something circulating in the air, at that moment, a sense of utopia that seemed on the verge of being realized, that does not come true, but leaves a strong trace of itself”. So Gianni Amelio recalls the climate at the time when the film was released: “There are utopias that fall at times when people do not want to know. There are other moments, however, in which you perceive this need for fresh air even outside the room, outside the story and the characters of a film. The child thief came out in 1992. Can we remember that ’92 is the year in which many things are discovered and one would like to breathe a different climate? And the film does not convey a need for cleanliness, transparency?”.