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Minerva Pictures at the MIA MARKET (11-15 October 2022)

14 November 2022

MIA | Italians Doc it Better

Margherita: The voice of the stars is a documentary made on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Margherita Hack – astrophysics of international fame and the first woman in Italy to direct an Astronomical Observatory. The documentary has been officially selected at Italians Doc it Better 2022, a showcase of Italian documentaries completed in the last year and not yet distributed abroad, among the most anticipated events of the MIA Market. An exciting and intimate journey through the professional memories and achievements of the scientist through unpublished material and exclusive interviews. A Minerva Pictures and Rai Documentari production. Written by Laura Allievi, Federico Taddia, author, scientific journalist, collaborator of Margherita Hack in the last years of her life, and directed by Samuele Rossi. Creative producer: Cosetta Lagani.



Minerva Pictures is in official competition at MIA Market – Drama Pitching Forum for the third year in a row! This year La Ballata di Mila written by Massimo Vavassori is in competition. La Ballata di Mila is a TV series in tinte pulp and an adaptation of the first novel of the saga written by the best-selling author Matteo Strukul.

Two criminal gangs compete for the territory of Veneto. In the middle, a ruthless woman: Mila Zago, aka Red Dread. Mila was just a little girl when her father was murdered by the local gang. From that moment she spent the rest of her life honing her revenge. The session with her therapist, Chiara, reveals that if she can find a reason to live, Mila will not kill herself.

The series is produced by Gianluca Curti and Santo Versace, and sees Cosetta Lagani as creative producer.

15 international series projects premiered in this year’s Drama co-production Market & Pitching Forum. On stage, producers of 8 different nationalities, from Italy, the United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, France, Finland, Israel and Ireland will participate.

MIA | What’s Next Italy


Rossosperanza, Annarita Zambrano’s new film, has been selected at What’s Next Italy, a special program of MIA dedicated to Italian ongoing projects (films’ still in production or in post-production). Minerva Pictures is the associated producer and holds world sales. A Mad Entertainment production, with Rai Cinema and TS Production.

MIA | Prima Mondiale di Mercato


The world premiere of Dante will take place at the MIA MARKET (Wednesday, October 12, at 14.00 Cinema Barberini Sala 1: Industry only). Pupi Avati’s biopic stars Sergio Castellitto as Boccaccio and Alessandro Sperduti as Dante Alighieri. The film was released in Italy on 29 September and is distributed by Rai Cinema and 01 Distribution. Minerva Pictures will manage international sales.