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Menteur by Olivier Baroux, arrives at the cinema from 31 August

10 August 2023

“Lying is one of the most widely used comic devices in cinema, but it is almost never at the center of a
script. In this film we tried to analyze it, to understand not only its effects but also the factors that influence
it”. These are the words of Olivier Baroux about his comedy Menteur, available from 31 August, distributed
by Minerva Pictures in collaboration with Other Stories. The film, a Gaumont production in co-production
with M6 Films includes, among others, Tarek Boudali, Artus, Pauline Clement.
Based on the film Menteur, directed by Émile Gaudreault, Serial Liar tells the story of Jérôme, a compulsive
liar. His family and friends can no longer stand his lies and will do everything to change his attitude.
Disregarding their words, Jerome continues to lie until the day a curse hits him: all his lies come to life and a
real nightmare begins.

“Exist, escape, hurt, avoid injury, feel better… There are many reasons to lie – the director added – The film
has explored several of them! It’s a light comedy about lying… the kind of movie you should go to see with
your family to have fun”.