Totò e Cleopatra

1963 - Comedy

Marco Antonio (Totò), called back to Rome from Alexandria by Octavius who wants him to marry his sister Octavia, is kidnapped by his lawful wife Fulvia who replaces him with his half-brother Totonno, who looks like a drop of water to him. Totonno then goes to Egypt but here mistreats Cleopatra to the point of being sentenced to death, but upon returning Mark Antony is pardoned. Octavius declares war on Egypt, Mark Antony dies, and Totonno, having taken his place, returns to Rome at Octavia’s side served by Cleopatra whom he has made his slave.

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Directed by Fernando Cerchio Cast Totò, Magali Noël, Moira Orfei, Franco Sportelli, Gianni Agus