• Andrea Riseborough nominated for an Oscar as Best Lead Actress
  • Winner of The Hollywood Reporter Rome award for Best Debut Film at Alice in the City

To Leslie

2022 - Drama

Leslie, a single mother from Texas, sacrifices everything to support her son. She wins the lottery but squanders it all within a few years, alienating friends and acquaintances and falling back into misfortune with no one left to turn to. She decides to return to her hometown, where she has lost all connections, and meets Sweeney, a loner who runs a motel and seems willing to offer her the second chance that everyone else has so far denied.

Minerva Pictures presents the Italian premiere of the year’s most talked-about film in the Oscar 2023 race, thanks to an extraordinary performance by lead actress Andrea Riseborough. An independent debut film shot in just 18 days in Los Angeles, To Leslie makes its way to the Academy Awards riding the wave of the most astonishing support campaign from the Hollywood star system ever. It’s a story of downfall and rebirth, the portrait of a single mother fighting to rebuild her life in the heart of Texas.

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Directed by Michael Morris Cast Andrea Riseborough, Owen Teague, Allison Janney (Oscar as Best Supporting Actress in 2018)