The Ballad of Mila

Tv series based upon the novel “The Ballad of Mila” by the best-selling author Matteo Strukul.

Two criminal gangs compete for the control of the territory in Veneto. In the middle, a ruthless woman ready to rewrite the fate of the contenders: Mila Zago, aka Red Dread.

Mila was just a little girl when the local clique murdered her father right in front of her and then raped her. From that moment she spent the last years honing her revenge: Mila has forgotten the beauty of life, and she has already planned her own death: the day in which the last killer of her father will die, she will use the last bullet for herself. Her plan is questioned after meeting with the analyst Chiara, if Mila can find a reason to live, she will not kill herself.

Official selection at the Mia Drama Pitching Forum 2022

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Written by Massimo Vavassori