Ritratti abusivi

2013 - Documentary

Chicago International Film Festival 2015: Spotlight Architecture Rome Film Festival 2013: Prospettive Doc Italia

Ritratti abusivi is the realistic story of an Italian suburb and its surreal inhabitants, the abusive community of Parco Saraceno. As if locked up in an infinitely degraded and timeless place, for at least ten years, the abusive inhabitants of the park live their lives between misery and lawlessness, suspended between daily violence and the dream of a normal life. However, the fate of Parco Saraceno is sealed. In the span of some years it will be demolished in order to be replaced with an enormous tourist port, symbol of I throw again of the territory. Like a choral and grotesque portrait composed of the faces and words of the inhabitants, the film follows the events and humanity of this extreme and forgotten community that has nowhere to live but this small abusive place in southern Italy.

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Directed by Romano Montesarchio