2019 - Animation

Presented at the Giffoni Film Festival

The animated film directed by Árni Ásgeirsson tells the story of Ploi, a small and lively plover chick who wishes to be the new head of the flock and the fastest plover of all. Thanks to the help of his Dad, the little boy soon discovers how to get food, attending school every day to learn how to fly. One day the chick takes flight but Shadow, the evil hawk that for years has frightened and attacked inexperienced chicks, catches him. Fortunately, Dad intervenes immediately, saving his baby. Ploi, after the incident is very frightened, has no more self-esteem, no longer believes in his abilities and is afraid to fly, so he decides not to move away from the nest for the whole summer. But every year, during the winter, migratory birds must leave for the warm countries, travelling for many miles.

The day of departure arrives but Ploi still does not find the strength to fly, a cat catches him and takes him home. Ploi manages to escape but not in time to meet his family, who no longer seeing him, thinking the worst, leaves with the rest of the flock.

From this moment an adventurous journey begins for Ploi, which will give him the opportunity to become great and to defeat his fears. Left alone in fact, with the help of his new friends, the little one will face numerous dangers and will find the courage to fly again and become a small and great hero.

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Directed by Árni Ásgeirsson Cast Jamie Oram, Harriet Perring, Iain Stuart Robertson, Richard Cotton, Thomas Arnold