Piccoli crimini coniugali

Adapted from Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt’s best seller of the same name, the movie is a conjugal mystery with a surprising suspense, in which the truth is never what it seems.

Margherita Buy and Sergio Castellitto play a married couple in a cynical and emotional tour de force. After a bad domestic accident he returns home from the hospital completely devoid of memory, he doesn’t even recognize his wife, who tries to rebuild their life as a couple, piece by piece, trying to obscure the shadows. As you bring to light forgotten information, cracks appear: there are many things that do not fit into the story.

A therapeutic dialogue between attractions and quarrels, a bewildering alternation of love and resentment, fake memories and real fears. But who lies about the two?

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Directed by Alex Infascelli Cast Sergio Castellitto, Margherita Buy