Winner of the FS Award at the 18th Rome Film Festival.

Our Monument Valley

2023 - Documentary

Alberto Crespi and Steve Della Casa, using film material preserved in the Compass and Movie Time archives, have created a documentary about the filming locations in the history of Italian cinema. The aim is to discover that Italian cinema also had its own “Monument Valley,” which is located in the vicinity of Rome.

These include the sandy dunes of Tor Caldara near Anzio, the mountains of Tolfa, the forests of Manziana and Ronciglione, the waterfalls of Monte Gelato, and the castles of Balsorano. Many places in the outskirts of Rome grace the screen. It’s a journey into the dreamlike locations that, at affordable costs, have contributed to the greatness of our cinema. Simultaneously, it’s a rediscovery of beautiful places.

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Directed by Alberto Crespi and Steve Della Casa