Our Magnificent Obsession

Featuring rare and previously unpublished archive material, “Our Magnificent Obsession” is the intimate tale of a great and unique friendship, between a group of “boys” who won five Oscars and wrote memorable pages of great cinema as they followed a great leader, a young boy, a young director just like them: Bernardo Bertolucci.

A genuine “cinematographic family” gathered around the charismatic figure of one of the greatest authors of Italian and international filmmaking, who would soon become a touchstone for international culture and cinema.

All this is told through the words and charisma of Stefania Sandrelli, who worked with Bernardo Bertolucci several times, becoming the actress who participated in the greatest number of the Maestro’s films: “Partner” (1968), “The Conformist” (1970), “1900” (1976), “Stealing Beauty” (1996).

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Directed by Marco Spagnoli