Non è vero ma ci credo

2018 - Comedy

Nunzio and Paolo have always been friends but their association has produced only a series of failed businesses financed by their wives, who now threaten to throw them out of the house. The two seek redemption by opening a vegetarian restaurant until, to please a culinary critic on whom their fates depend, they are faced with the need to turn the restaurant into a steakhouse. Convinced vegetarians, Nunzio and Paolo have no intention of really cooking animals. Can vegetable steaks be passed off as real meat? It’s the beginning of a spiral of hilarious events.

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Directed by Stefano Anselmi Cast Nunzio Fabrizio Rotondo, Paolo Vita, Elisa Di Eusanio, Micol Azzurro, Giulia Di Quilio, Maurizio Lombardi, Yari Gugliucci