2018 - Drama

Won the Public Choice award at the 2018 Fantafestival

The lives of five people are turned upside down by disconcerting and paradoxical events. A lawyer with a deplorable habit; a babysitter struggling with a disturbing new job; an old childhood friend with a turbid life; a cook with an unconfessed desire and a psychologist persecuted by a tow truck. Five stories linked by a common thread of madness and human aberration, which will lead the protagonists to extreme and unpredictable choices. As Aristotle said, “If there is a solution, why do you worry? And if there is no solution, why do you worry?”

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Directed by Eros Puglielli Cast Andrea Sartoretti, Giulia Michelini, Massimo Poggio, Paolo Sassanelli, Alberto Molinari