Nessuno è innocente

2018 - Noir

Naples and Scampia have for years been the protagonists of the criminal narrative of newspapers and television. For the public opinion, threats and dangers everywhere.

The main character of this short film lives on these clichés which he learns through radio and television. He has to go to Naples for work, a turning point for his career. But news will make this trip a nightmare: the meeting place is in a shed located in Scampia. The navigator accompanies our hero in the various circles of the imaginary hell of this man’s mind. Every movement or noise, but also a simple gesture of courtesy is perceived by him as threatening. Everyone follows him, he is a stranger, criminals are everywhere… a journey into the disaster of clichés all told from the distorted point of view of our protagonist.

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Directed by Toni D'angelo Cast Salvatore Esposito, Riccardo Zinna, Loredana Simioli, Gaetano di Vaio, Giuseppe Cirillo