2009 - Documentario

Naples Naples Naples is a portrait of the Neapolitan city, but also and above all, a dip into its vital, brutal, passionate and cruel humanity. With the help of Gaetano Di Vaio, a former prisoner, Abel Ferrara has made a series of interviews with women imprisoned in the women’s detention center of Pozzuoli. Struck by their statements, full of bitterness and fatalism, he decided to graft on their life stories three different narratives, written by Peppe Lanzetta, Maurizio Braucci and Gaetano Di Vaio. Di Vaio reworks his own personal experience, Braucci builds a story of growth that passes through a baptism of blood, and in the end Lanzetta composes a family drama in strong colors where violence, hope and revenge alternate. By hybridizing reality and fiction, personal stories and stories of others, this innovative docu-film, composes a complex mosaic, made up of the thousand faces of a seductive and incomprehensible city.


Out of competition at the 2009 Biennale in Venice

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Directed by Abel Ferrara Cast Luca Lionello, Salvatore Ruocco, Salvatore Striano, Benedetto Sicca, Shanyn Leigh