Miss Fallaci

A ViacomCBS International Studios and Minerva Pictures production, in association with RedString. The first Pramount+ Italian original.

The series will tell with an unpublished cut a less known and explored period of Oriana Fallaci’s life, one of the few, if not the only, Italian journalist and writer known worldwide, with over 25 million copies sold and translated into 25 languages. A history of professional and human growth full of charm: an Italian self-made woman who, at the age of twenty-seven years old, is juggling between the Italian Dolce Vita and the American dream between the 50s and 60s; while picturing the American dream, she is trying to reach her own dream: write about the major characters and world political events of the world.

The series will be based on real events, recounted by Oriana Fallaci herself in her first books: The Seven Sins of Hollywood and Penelope to War, published by Rizzoli. From an idea of Alessandra Gonnella, young talented director, winner of the Silver Ribbon for the short A cup of coffee with Marilyn, the series also sees the collaboration of Edoardo Perazzi, grandson and heir of Oriana Fallaci.

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Directed by Head Director: Luca Ribuoli (episodi 1- 2- 3- 4), Giacomo Martelli (episodi 5-7-8) Alessandra Gonnella (episodio 6) Cast Miriam Leone Written by Viola Rispoli (Head Writer), Thomas Grieves (Head Writer), Laura Grimaldi, Alice Urciuolo, Alessandra Gonnella