Memory Hole

In development - Sci-fi, Dystopian

World War II: Vallata, a village in Puglia perched on a hill, is surrounded by Nazi troops. Annibale Giorgi, after having ensured his wife and son escape, sets the house on fire and takes his own life, carrying with him the key to a mystery. The town is devastated by Nazi fury. No one will ever understand why.

2023: 80 years later everything seems outdated. Then the unthinkable happens. All of a sudden, people between the ages of 16 and 67 begin to lose their memory. Those affected by this phenomenon, called Memory Hole, seem to lose more and more memory over time, until they forget relatives, habits and their own stories. What affected them? Alongside official investigations is added that of two young people, Stefania Giovannini, brilliant scholar who is part of the group of scientists investigating the phenomenon, and Matteo Basile, photo reporter returned to Vallata to take care of his older brother hit by the Memory Hole. It is they who realize that the roots of the mystery lie in the inexplicable massacre that shook Vallata 80 years earlier. “In our children we shall live again” recited a fairy tale that Matteo’s grandfather had heard as a child. This is what the Memory Hole is trying to do, to bring fathers back to life in the bodies of their children. But who planned all this? And why?

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Produced by Minerva Pictures Written by Gaetano Colella, Andrea Simonetti, Milo Tissone, Jacopo del Giudice, Monica Zapelli