1969 - Drama

The young Jason moves to the remote Colchis to take possession of the Golden Fleece, a skin of golden goat, believed to bring power and fertility, that will serve to redeem the throne usurped by his uncle Pelias. The sorceress Medea, daughter of the ruler of Colchis, impressed by Jason’s physical bravery, helps him to steal the precious simulacrum and escapes with him. Back home, Jason marries Medea and has three children, however, devoured by ambition, he abandons the family to take Glauce, the young daughter of the king of Corinth, as his wife. Driven mad by jealousy and betrayal, Medea carries out a tremendous revenge.

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Directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini Cast Maria Callas, Laurent Terzieff, Massimo Girotti, Giuseppe Gentile, Margareth Clementi