L’esigenza di unirmi ogni volta con te

2015 - Drama - sentimental

Giuliana works in a supermarket and is married with Martino, who works with photovoltaics and spends his evenings at the computer avoiding marital intimacy. They live in Tricase, in Puglia, and lead an existence without surprises, until Giuliana meets Leonardo, a policeman who guards the building where she works. When two robbers try to rob the supermarket, Leonardo occurs saving Giuliana’s life. He will save her also in a metaphorical sense: from the monotony of her everyday life the woman sees her vital instinct re-emerge, and in a short time her resistance to the passion of Leonardo melts in the Apulian sun.

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Directed by Tonino Zangardi Cast Marco Bocci, Claudia Gerini, Marc Duret