La mala ordina

1972 - Crime

Second title of the awesome “Milieu trilogy” dedicated to the city of Milan between 1972 and 1973; this work is also inspired by the novel by Giorgio Scerbanenco.

Fernando Di Leo makes Mario Adorf ­- already extraordinary in Milan Calibre 9 in the role of Rocco – the main character of the movie as Luca Canali, a sensitive and loving pimp with his girls. Through a ruse, a godfather of Milan, Don Vito Tressoldi, tries to unload his tricks on the protector who, hunted by the men of the Italian-American Mister Corso, will have to release all his violence in order to survive.

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Directed by Fernando Di Leo Cast Mario Adorf, Henry Silva, Woody Strode, Adolfo Celi, Francesca Romana Coluzzi