La Cuccagna

1962 - Comedy, Drama

Rossella (Donatella Turri) is a young girl looking for work. With her diploma as a typist and stenographer she goes around Rome answering numerous ads, but she soon discovers that the “cuccagna,” or economic miracle, is only an illusion and the world is far more ruthless than she could have believed. Fate, however, makes her meet Giuliano (Luigi Tenco), the only man who asks nothing of her and who, like her, is not inclined to compromise. Made by Luciano Salce, “La cuccagna” is a female portrait of great grace and delicacy, a small ironic and bitter masterpiece, grotesque and at times dramatic, about the boom years, shot with great freedom, through the preponderant use of the hand-held camera, according to an idea of “direct” cinema that makes the story more alive and authentic.

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Directed by Luciano Salce Cast Luigi Tenco, Donatella Turri, Umberto D'Orsi, Liù Bosisio, Gianni Dei, Luciano Salce