Il migliore dei mali

In postproduction - Mystery, Fantasy

Adapted from the comic book “Il migliore dei mali,” written by Violetta Rocks and illustrated by Marco Tarquini.

Summer 1997. Five teenagers, Ettore, Milo, Michelangelo, Neri, and Dante, investigate the disappearance of Icaro, the dog of one of them, suspecting their new ominous neighbor. The youngsters must unravel the mystery, navigate their complicated family contexts, but above all, come to terms with their own secrets. Their suspicions about the enigmatic neighbor Zaira seem to dissipate after secretly infiltrating his house and finding nothing significant. Does the man have nothing to do with it, or perhaps they haven’t looked in the right place yet? Meanwhile, after Ettore’s arrival in the group, which somehow destabilized the dynamics, relations among them are becoming increasingly tense. New alliances have formed, hinting at something more, but new conflicts have also arisen, especially between Ettore and Neri. The latter has revealed something unthinkable to his father, and now it’s time to uncover the meaning of his statement. It’s also the moment to unveil everyone’s secrets and understand whether their “superpowers” are a gift or rather a dramatic curse.

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Directed by Violetta Rovetto Cast Giuseppe Pallone, Andrea Arru, Riccardo Antonaci, Giorgia Piancatelli, Niccolò Bizzoco, Matteo Ferrara, Pietro Ragusa, Massimo Wertmüller, Annalisa Insardà, Vincenzo Scuruchi, Pino Torcasio Produced by Minerva Pictures, Solaria Film and Rai Cinema Written by Violetta Rovetto, Josella Porto, Tommaso Santi