Il Medico della Mutua

1968 - Comedy

Guido Tersilli is a young graduate doctor, with no patients but eager to make a career, driven especially by his mother. After serving in a hospital, he realizes the ruthless competition of the medical environment, and decides to woo the wife of an old doctor of the mutual fund who has about 2000 patients. After reaching his goal, Tersilli leaves the widow to marry a rich girl and is increasingly busy with his activities, in order to gather money. When he collapses due to the overwork, his hospital colleagues buzz around him, eager to inherit his patients. But Tersilli doesn’t give up…

Alberto Sordi won the David di Donatello award for best actor in 1969

Pupella Maggio won the Silver Ribbon award for best supporting actress in 1969

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Directed by Luigi Zampa Cast Alberto Sordi, Nanda Primavera, Sara Fianchetti, Franco Scandurra, Bice Valori, Pupella Maggio