Il marchese del Grillo

1981 - Comedy

Marquis del Grillo is a good-natured, smart, womanizing man who is always making up stories and organizing pranks. To escape boredom, the Marchese del Grillo often mixes with the people, frequenting dive bars and taverns, and at the very end of one of these evenings he finds a drunkard, a certain Gasperino, a coalman by profession, who is his perfect double. Driven by a taste for mockery, Onofrio picks him up and takes him home; here he will put on such a brilliant farce that poor Gasperino will pass for the Marchese del Grillo even in the eyes of his own relatives.

Silver Ribbon Winner (Best Supporting Actor) Paolo Stoppa

Silver Ribbon Winner (Best Screenplay) Bernardino Zapponi, Leonardo Benvenuti, Mario Monicelli, Tullio Pinelli, Piero De Bernardi

Silver Ribbon Winner (Best Set Design) Lorenzo Baraldi

Silver Ribbon Winner (Best Costumes) Gianna Gissi

David di Donatello Winner (Best Set Designer) Lorenzo Baraldi

David di Donatello Winner (Best Costume Designer) Gianna Gissic

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Directed by Mario Monicelli Cast Alberto Sordi, Paolo Stoppa, Caroline Berg