Il ladro di cardellini

2020 - Comedy

In a small town in the Campania, Pasquale Cardinale, an old forestry agent, spends his days between alcohol and video poker. He’s been doing it for ten years now, ever since his beloved wife Adriana disappeared. To settle gambling debts, he sells to the underground market the goldfinches seized from poachers until, caught in the act, he receives a quick and humiliating dismissal, which seems to give the final blow to an already rather battered life. Now close to retirement, the poor man finds himself without work and no salary, indebted up to his neck and harassed as well as by loan sharks, the cumbersome presence of a daughter, Grace, overweight singer who, by virtue of an old promise torn years before, he would demand from him the money of the liquidation, for a resolute aesthetic intervention, that would have relieved her of thirty pounds. In order to return the due to his menacing usurers and at the same time to obtain what is necessary to satisfy the aesthetic needs of his daughter, the former marshal finds nothing better than to join a band of elderly poachers made up of relatives, friends and fellow countrymen. All old caryatids of the trade, in front of which, with his sixty-three years, he is little more than a young man. But poaching is passion and it is known that passion does not know old age, so you continue to challenge the law (and fate), spreading networks, organizing scams of small and medium level, getting rich, and more often ruining, with the illegal gambling linked to the singing of goldfinches.

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Directed by Carlo Luglio Cast Nando Paone, Ernesto Mahieux, Pino Mauro, Gigi De Luca, Giovanni Ludeno, Viviana Cangiano, Lino Musella, Vincenzo Nemolato