Oscar to the Best Foreign Language Film Silver Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival Best Production at the David di Donatello Two Silver Ribbons: Best Scenography and Best Supporting actor

Il giardino dei Finzi Contini

1970 - Drama

The dramatic period of the Racial Laws and anti-Semitic persecution seen from the point of view of a Jewish family of the upper middle class of Ferrara. The Finzi Contini, who try to resist the progressive social isolation thanks to their own means, decide to open the doors of their beautiful villa and its immense park to a small circle of friends, victims, like them, of the Racial Laws. Between the tennis courts and the meadows of the house, love and youth dramas are consumed, in a time almost suspended, prelude to the atrocities of History and a war that is now coming.

  • Oscar Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1972, Oscar nominations for Ugo Pirro and Vittorio Bonicelli for non-original screenplay  (1972)
  • Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival (1971)
  • Best Production at the David di Donatello Awards (1971)
  • 2 Nastro d’Argento: Best Set Design and Supporting Actor (1971)
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Directed by Vittorio De Sica Cast Fabio Testi, Dominique Sanda, Helmut Berger, Lino Capolicchio, Romolo Valli