2006 - thriller-horror

A diet based on water, to purify the body, the mind, clean the body from everyday poisons; this is the project of Olivia, Summer, Ana, Chrstina and Nicole, five girls, icons of our time, rich young women, beautiful and privileged who face adulthood dragging with them the unresolved issues of adolescence. The water as nourishment, the water as boundary that delimits the garden of Olivia’s house, in the middle of a lake, where they decided to spend a week of fasting and purification, the water as life, destined to vanish inexorably in the hands of the girls. After a day of abstinence, overnight, Olivia’s friends decide to eat from the supplies they brought without her knowledge. They do not know that they are being observed, nor that they have in this way begun a path that will lead them along a merciless sunset. The world around them begins to change its appearance: the water disappears from the supplies and a mysterious presence seems to watch their slow decline amused.

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Directed by Alex Infascelli Cast Chiara Conti, Mandala Tayde, Anapola Mushkadiz, Carolina Crescentini