Produced by Emanuele Nespeca, Elena Pedrazzoli, Vincent Lucassen, Ebba Sinzinger

Distributed by Solaria Film and Minerva Pictures

Winner as the best teen screenplay at the Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival 2021

GlassBoy” is a story about freedom, risk, fear, growth, communication between children and adults, courage. It does this through a realistic story, crossed by fairy-tale echoes. The 11-year-old Pino cannot leave the house, he cannot be among other children because his health does not allow him, it would be too risky. But it is also evident that Pino is surrounded by adults who worry about his suffering, but in fact they are only afraid to lose him. Because of his situation, even Pino has convinced himself that living is risky, that it is preferable to close in his wonderful room that simulates life without the risks of life. But the colorful amusement park of his room is no longer enough; Pino challenges his fragility, the fears of his parents and the obsessive beliefs of the despotic grandmother, to save the group of 4 extravagant kids, that observes since childhood, from a dangerous trap of the SNERD, the opposing gang. The young boy is driven by an unbridled desire of freedom and boundless courage, he begins his adventure in the world, intent on showing everyone that he can live like every other child.

“GlassBoy” remembers that basically all the kids feel a bit like Pino, a fragile boy who may not be accepted. And perhaps the same applies to the parents, forced to live the same anxieties, hopes and expectations of Pino’s family.


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Directed by SAMUELE ROSSI Cast Andrea Arru, Rosa Barbolini, Mia Pomelari, Loretta Goggi, Giorgio Colangeli, Giorgia Wurth, Massimo Di Lorenzo, David Paryla, Luca Cagnetta, Gabriel Mannozzi De Cristofaro, Stefano Trapuzzano, Stefano Di Via, Emanuele De Paolis, Pascal Ulli