• Oscar Award Nomination for Best Scenography to Renzo Mongiardino, Gianni Quaranta, Carmelo Patrono
  • David di Donatello Award to Franco Zeffirelli for the Best Director in 1972
  • Silver Ribbon Award in 1973 for Best Cinematography to Ennio Guarnieri

Fratello sole, sorella luna

1972 - Drama - History

The poetic re-enactment of the history of Francis of Assisi that brought the world of pomp and power to its knees. Francesco, son of the rich merchant Pietro di Bernardone and the Provençal Pica, is a cheerful young young man who spends his days in the company of friends. War broke out between Perugia and Assisi, Francis also participates, almost like a new, exciting game. However, he returns exhausted and wounded in body and spirit. After a long period of meditation, the young man, moved by the poor and the humble who flock to his father’s dry-cleaner’s, renounces his material possessions, and retires to a ruined church dedicated to San Damiano, where he begins to rebuild it with the help of his first followers. Devoted to living by almsgiving, judged mad by the wealthy citizens, Francis and his followers have as enemies the established powers, both civil and religious ones.

The restoration was carried out by Paramount Pictures in collaboration with the L’Immagine Ritrovata laboratory in Bologna, with contributions from the Istituto Luce Cinecittà and the Ministry of Culture. Distribution is handled by Minerva Pictures.

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Directed by Franco Zeffirelli Cast Graham Faulkner, Adolfo Celi, Valentina Cortese, Alec Guinness, Judi Bowker