2009 - biographic-noir

In 1985 Giancarlo Siani was killed with ten gunshots. He was 26 years old. He was a journalist, or rather he was a trainee, almost abusive, as he liked to call himself. He worked for “Il Mattino”, first from Torre Annunziata and then from Naples. He was a cheerful young man who loved life and his work and tried to do it in the best way. He had the defect of inquiring, of verifying the news, of investigating the facts. He was the only journalist killed by the Camorra. We follow him here for the last four months of his life. His last summer when, from the neighborhood Vomero, where he lived, every day he went down in the hell of Torre Annunziata, kingdom of the camorra boss Valentino Gionta. Everything, at that time, revolved around the interests for the reconstruction of the after-earthquake and Giancarlo understood how things were going. We see him moving among Camorras, corrupt politicians, timid magistrates and impotent carabinieri, like a lily in the mud. The night he was killed, in Naples, Vasco Rossi held a concert to which Giancarlo should have gone with his girlfriend.

Nominated to 3 David di Donatello awards in 2010

Nominated to 6 Silver Ribbons in 2009

Marco Risi won the Italian Golden Globe for Best Director

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Directed by Marco Risi Cast Libero De Rienzo, Michele Riondino, Ennio Fantastichini, Ernesto Mahieux, Daniele Pecci, Valentina Lodovini