Finché giudice non ci separi

2018 - Comedy

The story of Massimo, Paolo, Roberto and Mauro, four friends, all separated. Massimo is fresh from separation and has just tried to take his own life. The judge took everything from him: the house, the daughter and forced him to pay a large monthly allowance to his wife. With what’s left of his salary he can afford a seedy apartment of 35 square meters. The three friends are close to him to cheer him up and check that he does not try to implement the senseless gesture. Everyone gives advice on how to cope with separation and how to return to living a normal life. Just when the three seem to have managed to bring their friend to his senses, a handsome neighbor rings at the door.

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Directed by Toni Fornari, Andrea Maia Cast Francesca Inaudi, Simone Montedoro, Augusto Fornari, Luca Angeletti, Antonio Fornari