Come niente

2021 - Drama

Produced by Guasco, in association with Poliarte, Accademia di belle arti e design, sponsored by Fondazione Marche Cultura, distributed by Minerva Pictures.

Greta and Caterina, raised in a difficult family, were entrusted for the summer months to their grandfather Franco, grumpy and anaffective, who survived the great earthquake in central Italy. Greta is a promise of women’s football, while Caterina is still a little girl wearing a magic helmet to talk to aliens, thus hiding all her ghosts. Two foreign bodies in a country that rejects them, forced to live in prefabricated houses, the SAE, a few square meters to share with a grandfather who does not want them and who does not know how to show affection. But when Franco learns to take care of them, they will discover a new, never explored bond that will mark the redemption of all.

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Directed by Davide Como Cast Franco Oppini, Valentina Bivona, Greta Mecarelli